Iona left my house on the 16th of June happy and healthy. She was seen by the vet on the 8th of June to recieve a valid veterinarary health certificate to prove this. She was flown to Norfolk, VA with a flight attendant I know, in cabin with her. We contacted Patrick, (the new owner) a day or so after her arrival, and he said she did not want to eat. We informed him that this can be normal from the transition to the new home. Patrick did not take her to the vet at this time to make sure there was nothing else going on. We made sure he was feeding the same food I had had her on here. He advised us that he did and keep us informed. Not hearing from him, we contacted him 2-3 days later, he proceeded to report that everything was fine, she was eating, playing, and being a kitten. Throughout the next few weeks, we checked in on Iona periodically, and he still proceeded to tell us that everything was great.

We then, received a text from Patrick, Thursday July 23rd, asking if it was normal that she was lethargic, not wanting to play, and just wanting to sleep and use the litter box. We said absolutely not. We asked for a recent picture of her and he sent a pic of her completely emaciated. We told him she needed to be seen by a vet immediately! He then took her to an ER vet. The clinic is called Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialist and 24 hour Emergency. (Report to follow). After talking more to Patrick, we found out he had changed her food from the start from a high quality raw food diet to the extremely low quality Whiskas and Friskies. In the initial discussion of her diet, we went over the type of food she was on and other high quality alternatives if he was not wanting to feed raw. He was informed these cats have to be on a high quality food and do not do well on anything else.

Patrick claimed that the lethargy hadn't started until two days before and he also saw diarrhea at that time also. The pics I greatly feel and believe tell a completely different story. After seeing the pic he sent, I scrambled around to find arrangements to get her back into our hands. My business partner that lives near him, obtained her and that was when the severity of her situation hit us. She was completely skin and bones and almost non-responsive to anything. We knew it was not looking good for her. Once my partner arrived home, she snapped pics of her to document her condition. It was the only point the poor kitten kept her head up. We did offer her some food and she scarfed down what was presented to her. However, it went right through her and almost as fast as it went in, it came right out. She didn't even have the strength to make it to the litter box and urinated and defecated right where she was laying. She continued to decline rapidly and at 1am Friday night/Saturday morning, she passed away.

The ER vet initially said it looked like FIP but the necropsy results prove other wise. The ER visit was THEE ONLY time she was every seen by a vet in his hands. This beyond a shadow of a doubt proves that this is a case of sheer veterinary medical neglect and complete ignorance.

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